Gold Medal Wine Club's Gold Wine Club Regular Membership

by Madi M.

Posted on Thursday, March 05, 2015

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"In vino sanitas."

Those are the wise words of Pliny the Elder, a guy from ancient Rome who loved to imbibe and philosophize.

His potable quotable translates to "wine, it does a body good." And that's a fact even modern science supports: According to the American Heart Association, one four-ounce glass a day helps keep coronary failure away.

Also beneficial for your bod... Two bottles a month with Gold Medal Wine Club's Gold Wine Club Membership.

For only $39 per monthly shipment, Gold Medal Wine Club supplies a red and white, as well as the latest issue of its publication, The Wine Press.

Especially health-conscious drinkers can upgrade to four bottles a month for $70, and customize their wine selection to include mixed, all red, or all white wines.

As Pliny the Elder also once said, "Cabernet! Chardonnay! Pinot Noir! Zinfandel!"

Our trial delivery of Gold Medal's Gold Standard Membership came with a 2013 Syrah and 2012 Chardonnay from Northern California's Dawson Creek Winery, whose vineyard is tucked away in Sonoma County's lush Russian River Valley.

Fruity and spicy, the red was reminiscent of French wines from the Rhône Valley, with hints of berry, anise, wood, and even cocoa.

Meanwhile, the white tasted of pear, citrus, and oak, exuding breezy floral aromas.

That's wine snob for nice stuff.

Founded in 2000, Dawson Creek is a boutique winery. And year to year, owner Shahin Shahabi and his team have varied their releases, from Merlot in 2007 to Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir in 2008 to the Syrah in 2012 and Chardonnay in 2013 that we received in our Gold Series shipment.

These wines are only sold at stores in a few states throughout the U.S., but they're available to Gold Medal members across the country, and for, respectively, at least $8 and $4 below the retail price.

It's what a wine club, and particularly this wine club, is meant to do — give fans of the red and white an affordable taste of limited-production bottles from small yet ambitious operations in famed (and perhaps far-flung) grape-growing regions of the world, like California wine country.

So yes, indeed, Gold Medal Wine Club is doing Pliny the Elder's virtuous work, delivering both vino and sanitas for about $3 per tasty, life-saving glass.

The value is solid. The wines are reliable. And the health benefits are scientifically verified.

You'll enjoy that daily four-ounce dose. Your friends and family too. Even your doctor might show up with an empty glass, toasting to fine drinks, lasting health, and good deals.

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