Bright Cellars Wine Review

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Are you looking to try something new when it comes to wine? Bright Cellars is a fun, monthly wine subscription that sends you bottles based on your preferences. After each bottle you try, review them and fine-tune your online palette. Each order comes with a Delight Guarantee, if you don't love a bottle, simply tell the Wine Concierge. They will you help you select a free replacement wine for your next delivery!

All About Bright Cellars Wine

Find your perfect match simply and quickly at Bright Cellars. First, you'll be prompted to take a quiz to build your taste profile. Based on your answers, Bright Cellars will match you with wines they think you'll enjoy the most and send them to you each month. Need to a skip month? Just let them know. You're also free to cancel at any time.

The best part about Bright Cellars? They encourage you to rate the wines you received. Each time you review a wine, you fine tune your taste profile and better-matched wines will come your way. If you have a favorite, let them know! You'll be the first to know when that bottle of wine goes on sale.

They also have a great wine referral program where each time a friend you refer becomes a member, you earn points that can be redeemed for wine!

Why Customers Choose Bright Cellars Wine

Many customers like the idea of reviewing the wine after they try it and having their taste profile change based on their feedback. They are constantly surprised by what is sent to them. Some end up liking a wine that they never considered before. An unexpected, yet perfect match!

They also appreciate Bright Cellars relaxed subscription policy - you can skip a month or cancel altogether, just by letting the Wine Concierge know.

If you're looking for a subscription that will help you discover new wines to try, visit Bright Cellars.

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