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Visiting wineries, meeting winemakers, and tasting their wines is a lot of fun and a great way to support winemakers in their craft while enjoying great wines. But we certainly don't all have the time to do that all the time! Now, with NakedWines you can support winemakers around the world by buying their wines directly. It's a win-win situation, because membership with NakedWines will in turn get you exclusive discounts and help you discover new wines from emerging winemakers worldwide.

All About NakedWines

NakedWines is a new kind of wine club. In traditional wine clubs, you pay a subscription and you get monthly shipments of wine, chosen by the club curators. With NakedWines, you get to pick which wines you want, how many, and how often you get them. NakedWines does the work of finding great winemakers and delicious wines from all around the world and negotiating discounts and deals for you. All you have to do is discover amazing new wines.

There are two ways to enjoy great wines from NakedWines. Firstly, you can simply order wine from the site. NakedWines curates a collection of the very best wines that the world has to offer, with special discounts. You can order by the bottle or order specially chosen cases of award-winning reds, whites, or mixed cases. All orders over $100 ship free, so you may as well stock up!

If you're really dedicated to great wines, you can become a NakedWines Angel. Angels are wine club members, but they're so much more than that. As an Angel, you are able to directly invest in emerging wineries across the globe. In turn, you'll get discounts of 40-60% on excellent wines from these wineries. You'll also get access to members-only wines, members-only offers, and more. There is no commitment, and you choose when you want to get shipments of wine and how much you want to receive. You even pick which wines you want, so you can be sure that your shipments are perfectly catered to your tastes.

If for some reason you don't like a particular wine from NakedWines, they offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Just call their friendly customer service team and you can get a refund for the wine you didn't like right away. That's how confident the NakedWines team is that you'll love every single bottle you order!

Why Customers Choose NakedWines

Customers love the freedom that comes with a NakedWines membership. Being able to choose your own wines, shipment amounts, and shipment timing lets you fully customize your order to be just right for you. NakedWines customers also love being able to directly support and invest in emerging winemakers. More great winemakers means more great wine for wine enthusiasts to discover and enjoy.

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