Wine Insiders: Where Quality Meets Quantity

by Madi M.

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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We've sampled our share of wine clubs, and hands down, we love Wine Insiders (you can read our complete Wine Insiders review here)! They provide a wide variety of highly rated global wines, and members can access these bottles at unbeatable prices thanks to Wine Insiders' relationships with the wineries they feature. Some wine clubs only offer 2 or 4 bottles per shipment, while others are so expensive that you can't afford more than that at once. Wine Insiders breaks the mold by offering members access to 15 bottles for their introductory shipment for only $89.99! That's just $6 per bottle, and you save over 70% off the retail value.

Every shipment comes securely packaged to ensure the safe arrival of those precious bottles. However, if tragedy were to strike and a bottle arrives cracked or broken, Wine Insiders will replace it for free. Just make sure you are home to sign for the package when it arrives. Since it contains alcohol, they won't just leave it on your doorstep unattended. Better yet, have it delivered to your workplace and see how fast you make new friends!

Every delivery comes complete with tasting notes for each bottle and recipe suggestions so you can pair your wine with food that best compliments the flavors in the bottle. You'll also get special offers for future Wine Insiders orders. They provide serving tips so you can learn how to correctly open the bottle (hint: no one likes cork in their wine), pour a proper glass and even taste your wine. While taking a drink of wine may seem like something you already know how to do, we were surprised by how many more flavors we were able to taste when we followed their "sniff, swirl, sip" technique.

For the novice wine taster looking for a little guidance, Wine Insiders is kind enough to point you in the right direction by labeling their favorite bottle "Me first!". In this shipment it was the 2012 Coastal Passage Pinot Noir. This bottle normally sells for $29.99, but they include 3 of them in your first shipment for free!

We admit, we tend to be rule-followers. Not wanting to upset the omniscient wine gods, we obliged and uncorked one of these delightful Pinots. It did not disappoint, and we were immediately glad we had two more bottles to save for future enjoyment. All in all, the Wine Insiders Club shipment is exactly what we want in a wine club. It's unpretentious (they start off telling you how to open a wine bottle, so no judgment there!), affordable, and gives you access to plenty of high-quality wines that you will actually enjoy. There's no enrollment fee or cancellation charge, so you're free to cancel or skip a shipment at anytime. If you do choose to continue your membership after your introductory shipment, they have all the details about future shipments on their wine club membership page.

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