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Palate Profiles for Normal People

We all know the person who describes their wine preferences in terms of regions, complicated adjectives, scents, and notes. That isn't the case with Winc (formerly Club W), which is why we like them. They help you build your Palate Profile using normal words and descriptions, so you can get back to the business of enjoying good wine, and away from the business of being pretentious. Winc wines make great gifts for friends and loved ones, and can also be great corporate gifts or a nice way to show appreciation to your co-workers.

All About Winc

Winc partners directly with vineyards and winemakers from around the world to bring you fantastic, small-batch wines from vineyards you may not have otherwise had the chance to explore. Each month they make recommendations for you based on your Palate Profile. You can either heed their suggestions or go with your own picks from their rotating monthly selection.

Try the Winc Experience and get 3 fantastic bottles of wine delivered to your door each month. Want to go all in? Upgrade to 4 or more bottles of wine and they'll cover the shipping for you! While it is a monthly wine club, you're the one in control of shipments, so you can skip a shipment anytime and as often as you'd like. Send them as a gift to make someone's day, or treat yourself. You can even have them delivered to your office and watch your co-workers drool with envy!

Each bottle of wine you receive also comes with a short video that describes that wine's tasting notes, where the grapes came from, and a little backstory about the winemaker. You can easily watch these videos on your smartphone by scanning the bar code on the bottle. Of course, there is no obligation to learn anything about the wine you're drinking. Just enjoy your wine and make up your own tasting notes. A common tasting reflection at our happy hour is, "Mmmm, this one tastes!"

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Why Customers Choose Winc

Sometimes you just want wine because you want to drink wine. With Winc, there's no "in crowd" to try to fit in with and no need to pretend you're a wine snob. You just want to drink good tasting wine, and they get that. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you never pay for a bottle of wine that you don't like. They make it easy to skip a shipment or cancel your membership without any hassle or fees, so feel free to join without the pressure of a long-term commitment.

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